General Information About NEWA

What is NEWA?

NEWA is an advanced anti-aging skin care device for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and improved skin texture in the comfort of your own home.

Are there any medical contraindications for using NEWA?

There are a few contraindications for people using NEWA:

  • If you have an implanted pacemaker, arrhythmia, or any other known severe heart disorder (flow of electrical energy through the body may damage the pacemaker and cause heart arrhythmias)
  • Have any implantable metal device or body piercing in the treatment area (flow of electrical energy through the implanted metal may heat the object and cause burns)
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Suffer from autoimmune disorders or diabetes (skin healing in these cases may be impaired)
  • Have any lesions on the treatment area
  • Have blood clotting disorders
  • Use blood thinning medication (the mechanical massage by the device may induce skin hematomas)
  • Are using or have used Isotretinoin (Accutane) within the past 6 months
  • People with visual difficulties should not use the device
  • People who have Fitzpatrick skin types V or VI (dark skin) (safety and effectiveness of the device when used in individuals with darker skin or who may be prone to skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation).  NEWA should be used only by Fitzpatrick skin types I - IV
  • If in doubt about any other medical condition or medication that may affect treatment, please consult with your physician or contact us at support@trynewa.com

How does NEWA work?

Collagen and elastin fibers are essential components of the skin which gives your skin shape, lift and support. The collagen fibers are responsible for skin strength and tone. The elastin fibers allow skin flexibility or elasticity. NEWA, powered by Endymed’s 3DEEP technology, penetrates controlled energy deep into the skin tissue, stimulating the natural production of new healthier collagen and elastin formation.

Is NEWA safe to use?

Absolutely. NEWA uses clinically proven 3DEEP technology that is FDA approved, and used and recommended by leading dermatologists around the world.

What is the expected life-time of my NEWA?

The device is designed to last for years, depending on how often you use it and how many areas you treat with it per treatment. The advantage of the device over professional treatments is that you can use it again after your results have faded, so it is a true long-term investment.

Do NEWA treatments hurt?

NEWA treatments are completely painless because NEWA focuses the energy delivery directly into the dermis, which is the lower layer of your skin. NEWA treatments give you a pleasant, warm sensation.

How can I download the NEWA App?

Iphone users, click here

Android users, click here

NEWA Clinical Questions

Has the NEWA been dermatologist-tested?

Yes. The NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System is a revolutionary home skin treatment that uses professional 3DEEP technology that has already been proven in tens of thousands of skin tightening treatments performed by dermatologists worldwide.

Can I use the NEWA if I’m sunburned?

NEWA can be used on suntanned skin. However, if you have a sunburn and your skin is red and sensitive, avoid treatment with NEWA until the redness and sensitivity have disappeared.

Can I use NEWA if I have broken skin?

NEWA must not be used if you have sores, blisters or any abnormal skin condition.

Can I use NEWA if I have Rosacea? Acne scars? Other skin issues?

The NEWA is indicated for skin rejuvenation. Do not use the NEWA to treat rosacea, moles, warts, open sores, cancerous lesions, or any skin condition. Do not use the NEWA over red skin or skin with enlarged capillaries (Cupprose).

Can I use NEWA if I have acne, eczema or other skin conditions?

The NEWA should NOT be used on compromised skin. We suggest that anyone who suffers from any specific skin disorder on the face should consult their dermatologist before using the NEWA device.

Can I use NEWA after Botox or filler (hyaluronic acid) injections?

You can use the NEWA device 2 weeks after Botox or filler (hyaluronic acid) injections.

Can I use NEWA if I have a background medical condition?

Contraindications for use are listed on the NEWA box and manual. If in doubt consult with your physician.

Should I stay out of the sun after using the NEWA?

It is always recommended that you protect your skin when you go out in the sun. The NEWA skin lifting treatment will not make your skin more photosensitive than it already is, so this should not greatly impact your determination whether or not to go out into the sun. However, as over-exposure to sunlight can contribute to skin laxity, remember to be cautious in the sun and protect your skin.

How exactly is the NEWA clinically proven?

To start, NEWA is powered by professional medical 3DEEP technology, which is FDA cleared and has been clinically proven and validated by over 30 clinical studies by independent and unaffiliated physicians. The NEWA itself underwent intensive clinical studies in order to receive FDA clearance, and continues to undergo extensive testing to ensure that we provide the most effective home use device for the reduction of wrinkles.

Can it help with rapidly aging post menopause skin?

NEWA can absolutely help with post menopausal skin! NEWA rebuilds skin collagen from within to reduce wrinkles, lift and tighten your skin, and will do wonders for your skin.

Why can’t you use NEWA while breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindication to almost all treatments (different technologies). It is a period characterized with hormonal changes that cannot be anticipated and it can affect the skin's condition. Therefore to be on the safe side and avoid any AE, we do not recommend to perform treatments during this period.

NEWA Treatment Protocol

How often can I use the NEWA?

In order to maximize the treatment results with NEWA, it is recommended you perform a full treatment series 3- 5 times a week for a period of 1 month. After the end of the first month, you may want to continue maintenance treatments 2 times a week.

Can I repeat treatment on an area in the same treatment session?

You should not treat the same area for more than the recommended 4 minutes treatment time per day. 4 minutes has been proven to be the right amount of time to reach the necessary heating level while safeguarding your skin. Over-treatment should be avoided.

Can I use the NEWA on any areas of the body other than my face?

NEWA was uniquely designed and tested for the treatment of the face.

Can I use the NEWA around my eye area?

NEWA is recommended for use around the eyes (over the orbital bone). Do not use the device over your eyes, across your eyelids or any closer to your eyes than the limits of your orbital bone.

Can NEWA be used on the neck/forehead/chest?

Although our treatment protocol highlights the upper and lower cheeks and under the chin, there are NEWA users who have used it on their neck, forehead and decollete with great results.

Will NEWA work on my arms?

The NEWA was designed for optimal results on the face and under the chin. Arms are a little out of its reach, but you can look out for a clinic that offers EndyMed body tightening treatments - we work wonders on arms! 

Just finished my first month of NEWA treatments. Do I have to switch to maintenance treatments, or can I continue with my 4-5 treatments a week?

We do recommend a first month of intensive NEWA treatments, followed by 2 maintenance treatments a week. However, if you wish to continue with a more intensive NEWA treatment schedule of 4-5 treatments a week even after the first month, you can absolutely do so at your convenience.

I am interested in adding NEWA to my skin care regimen but am wondering about its compatibility with professional treatments.

You can absolutely use the NEWA in parallel to your other skin treatments. We do recommend however that you don't use the NEWA a week before and a week after your professional treatments.

Can I still use my regular skincare products when I’m using the NEWA?

When using the NEWA you canstill use skinca re products to cleanse, moisturize or address many of the purposes of other skincare products.

Can I use NEWA if I have internal metal fixtures in the mouth?

The NEWA heat penetrates up to 3mm into the skin. Thus there is no risk of heating or damaging internal metal fixtures in the mouth.

NEWA RF/3DEEP Technology

What is 3DEEP technology?

3DEEP® radio frequency skin tightening is the most advanced generation in the evolution of radiofrequency-based technologies for professional RF skin tightening, RF lifting and rejuvenation, and RF wrinkle reduction treatments. It utilizes the gentle warming effects of naturally occurring, harmless radio waves and delivers the energy exactly where it is needed, deep in the dermal tissue to increase collagen formation. In RF facial rejuvenation, highly controlled multiple positive and negative electrodes work together, enabling precisely targeted energy delivery at the right level for safe and optimal radio-frequency skin treatment. The energy of the radio frequency skin treatment device is directed vertically into the deep dermal tissue so that there is no problem of overheating or damage to the surface skin. 3DEEP RF lifting technology keeps the skin surface relatively cool while achieving the deep-skin heating necessary to optimize production of new collagen through radio frequency skin treatment. 

Why is NEWA better than other RF home use treatments? 

The NEWA is the only device that uses the 3DEEP RF technology. This unique RF technology uses 6 RF generators with different polarities. The result is effective heating in the depth of the tissue with decreased heat on the surface. Using other RF technologies would require external cooling (Monopolar) or will be superficial (bipolar). NEWA is the world first (and Only) home use device FDA cleared for wrinkle reduction. How can that small device produce RF? NEWA is powered by the same unique and patented 3DEEP radiofrequency technology that powers our professional RF treatment platforms used by physicians and clinics worldwide. We took our professional 3DEEP technology and adapted it for our NEWA home use device.

How can you can rebuild collagen?

The gentle heat generated by the NEWA is delivered down deep into the dermis layer of the skin, where collagen is produced. NEWA heats up the dermis to the right temperature that stimulates the production of new collagen fibers.

What is RF current level on the machine? How strong is it?

The NEWA’s energy output is 10W. NEWA vs other skincare/medicines products

Why is NEWA different than creams?

Cosmetic skincare products are most effective at working on the epidermis, the outer layers of skin. NEWA, however, penetrates energy deep into the dermal layers of the skin where new collagen and elastin fibers actually form and stimulates the natural production of new fibers.

Retin A is also proven to stimulate collagen. Which is more effective?

Retin-A works essentially stimulates new collagen by acting as a surface exfoliate (a type of microdermabrasion). It stimulates the cells to turn over and form new collagen, and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, NEWA sends energy deep into the dermis layer of the skin, heating it to the right point that stimulates the dermis to produce new collagen, which in turn both reduces wrinkles while lifting and tightening the skin. NEWA provides both an immediate effect on the skin and a long term effect, with no side effects or downtime after treatments. Retin-A, as a strong topical cream, has potential side effects, including rashes, redness, and skin flaking.